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Today has been a Musicals/Dance Movies day for me, started off with Mama Mia, and now I have moved on to Footloose, the new one not the original. I was very against the remake at first, because they changed all the begining and it kind of lacked a little fire, the original cast were a lot more intense. If this wasn’t a remake though, it would still be an ok movie. I just don’t see it being iconic like the first one is.

Anyway, so due to two monitors, this always gives me the chance to watch and take pics, and get some blogging done. Today is the second last day of My Attic, but today is more about other new and exciting items that have been released this past week or so. First off the wonderful Verona items from The Loft that are featured at The Liaison Collaborative. The pool has been sunken into the actual SL water for my shots, because I was intending to get some reflections happening, but ended up just enjoying what I got. The best thing about being able to sink into SL water though, is that you get to actually swim with your own AO if need be, so definitely use that opportunity if you have the chance.

The pool and decking is just lovely, the tiling is beautiful and it will certainly add to any home. The pool comes with a hot tub as well, which means if Whimsy lays her eyes on it, it won’t be empty for long, she has been trying to get a hot tub at The Deck for so long, one day she even built one at the landing point to the sim lol. The area with the fireplace is also very nice, a great area to just settle in for the afternoon, early evening. I also have the Verona furniture pieces set out, the armchairs have texture change options of white or oatmeal, as well as cushion colours to choose from. Then you have the loungers, that rez different cushions depending on what pose/animation you are using, and they are full of different sits…

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