Living on the Edge


I was really excited to hear that Ploom has finished their hands and feet appliers for the Slink Avatar Enhanced system. So excited I pretty much steamrolled right over Helyanwe to get my hands on them…and then on my hands. They will be released in the store tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait, because she did a great job on them, and I really like her latest Gia skin a lot.

For those who use search in inventory to find things, you will know that searching RING is a pain in the bum, because you get a billion listings for earrings. I decided to test out a few options tonight and I found that in firestorm ( so not really sure if this works in others ) that if you type + Ring you get ONLY rings…this has made me all sorts of happy, so I really hope that helps others too.

Click HERE to read more at .


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