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Holly Lips

Holly Eyes

Ok, first off I am going to have a rant…not a usual SL type rant, but a RL rant if you will. I just started watching Vampire Diaries, and do not panic, I am not about to do a spoilers thing, but I have watched the whole first season, and I am hooked now, even though I have tried to watch the series 4 different times and never, until now, got past the first episode. It got me to thinking though, I do love me some Vampires type shows/movies, and I am like many waiting on the next True Blood to come on…then of course Twilight finished incredibly well I must say, and no I am not obsessive, I just liked it.

But the original and still favourite has to be Buffy and Angel, that was a love story and a half, and I miss the shows a lot. But my rant is, what is with all this rule changing crap. What is with Vampires having reflections, and being able to be out in the sun, and eating garlic, and not needing to sleep all day… I know there were times when Angel could do certain things, but sheeesh I am getting really annoyed and think I got ripped off, and I want to throw down my soapbox and demand a redo, I think that all the originals should have to come back and the whole Buffy and Angel and Spike and whatever should all get to come back with the ‘New Rules” – end rant.

So now that that is out of the way, and expunged from my system. On to the Bee’s, well a mix really. Bee’s through the Seasons event is nearing its end, and there are so many wonderful items to get there, as well as experience the great themed event layout itself. The top I am wearing is actually a dress that I am wearing part of by OkBye. The little spring dress is a micro mini with mesh insert and the colour worked really well with the adorable palms irie skirt by Emery that is at this session of My Attic @ The Deck.

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