Destiny – What’s Yours


I have been all over the place this past week, and feel like I really neglected blogging, so I am sorry about that. But I did have a blast setting up for My Attic with Whimsy, and rebuilding the build to be even longer because of the amount of fabulous stores we have this session. There was one stage were Mel had to log in and fix the floor, because well between the two of us girls, we kind of messed it all up to hell and back…I think at one stage we tried to drown Sachi and SySy, making them fall in between prims.

I have also as I mentioned in previous posts, been making nail huds, for the wonderful Avatar Enhanced items by Slink. The nails huds for feet and hands, just got a lot better, for those that aren’t into the hands, or wear too many skins and your skin store hasn’t done appliers yet, she just released a nail only option at Slink near the hands on the wall, for only a small price…and all the huds will work on those too, as well as them having the different lengths options, so pure win I say. I am wearing a pair of fluro nails that I made in the past week, you can see all the nails I have been doing HERE.

On top of that Slink managed to rerelease some older shoes in a mesh add on version, which means they fit on over the top of your mesh rigged feet. So re-introducing DESTINY! These are fabulous and very very high, and not only do they come in these gorgous strappy and very plasticy looking options, but each one also has the clear versions, for even more effect….

Click HERE to read more at .


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