Chicka Bow Bow


Alyx Lips

Alyx 2

Alyx 1

This dress is just beautiful, it gives off a lovely 60’s kind of vibe, and the bow detail is just so adorable. The colours are so pretty and this one is definitely a firm favourite. I really like how it goes well with the cairo boots from Celoe, because of the lovely soft brown.  Other lovely brown , is my hair. I had to go over to Exxess earlier today for Hair Fair business, and this hair just jumped out at me, as well as a few others I purchased. One thing that did upset me though, was that not all hairstyles fit me, I don’t usually have to wear alphas and with these I do. Make sure if you are trying demos, you take off any hairbases because you wont see if it fits properly or not. They are rigged mesh, but I really live this style, so definitely try the demos and see if the hair fits you. I dragged Whimsy over, and had to drag her back out of there, so many great styles.

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