August Rush






First some announcements. Erratic is having a huge sale 50% off at their NEW main-store, so be sure to check that out. Then there are some new changes to SL, first off with particles and then some AO changes… this is scripty kind of info, and you can read more about it on the Nalates Things & Stuff blog HERE. Hair Fair Designer Applications are open now, and will be up until 31st of March, don’t delay on getting those in. Another bit of news, this is outside of Second Life, but a wonderful project by the talented Maddox Dupont of KMADD…he has started a website for health and well-being called Benevolent Ways, so if you are into good things, and treating yourself right, make sure and check it out.

Now onto the post. The skin I am wearing is a Skin Fair release Vanina, by Anymore skins. The skin is lovely, and comes with different facial features. The first being freckles, then teeth and then an open mouth option that allows for you to wear prim teeth and actually have some shading for an opening (not shown). They all come with freckles options, and cleavage on and regular shading options. The skin is very lovely and a great default go to skin, so demo demo demo.  You get a better look at the body with the pics of the new Jolie lingerie by Izzies. This is a stunning lingerie set, with many layers and you can wear with or without the garters option.

Click HERE to read more at .


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