Fierce – Skin Fair 2013


Nuuna Brows

Kati Fair

When you get to Skin Fair 2013 – which opened today – and you will, there is a Must Have in the form of tattoo layers. In past fairs, I have purchased from Nuuna’s the tribal like face tattoos, and just love them. These eyebrow tattoos blew me away. I love the fun, and fierceness of them, how much they totally add to a look. They really show how much eyebrows play an important role in expressing our feelings, the ones towards the end made me look like I was about to burst into tears. You get 22 brows in the set and the price is fabulous, so make sure you check them out, there are demos, so you can play around with them, and some even look funna wearing two at once.

Now the other Nuuna’s item is the Kati Skin. This skin is not only beautiful, and an incredible price, but has so many options I could have been at it all night. You get the skin with and without cleavage, with no brows. Now that is my only wish for this skin is that there was a skin base with brows already on, because with all the tattoo layers I was running out of layers. But you get black brows, tintable brows and eyelashes on layers. Then you have many blush options, that are also tintable, as you can see in the last pic I made one black. Then you get a great choice of lipsticks, only some shown, and those incredible smokey eyes. Then there are three different eyeliners, and on top of that you get the Lola’s skin appliers included as well. HUGE amount of goodies, and the skin is just beautiful.

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