Starlight Starbright

Sydney Starlight

Bethany @ Skin Fair 2013

Isabella @ Skin Fair 2013

Maha @ Skin Fair 2013

It is a time for a lot of yahoo’s and other cheer like sounds. First reason for me is that Elymode has come back from having a long break from creating, and come back strong. The Starlight dress is the first ‘official’ store release, and the options are amazing. Not only can you change the skirt, bow and waist of the dress with the wonderful hud, there are 25 colours to choose from. Then you also have the base colours, five of them to choose from, depending on which pack style you go with. So with the accent options and the base options, you can either go all contrasty, or all in one the same as I have shown.  The other newish item is the store release of the Sydney separates, now I have only seen a few colours in these, and couldn’t resist grabbing this colour skirt, but I do hope that there will be more, because the style is so sexy, and the aboriginal art is just spot on and subtle for this look, I love it…

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