Happy Hopping


Arden Ballerina Flats

I had the pleasure of SySy’s company yesterday in the air over in the sim next door to The Arcade. That is right, if you have been living under a rock the past few days, the long awaited return of this Gatcha event is back, and back strong. The sim has been full to overflowing for days since its opening, and it is no wonder with dozens of stores participating, more than actual avatars allowed on the sim. I do love the placement of the event though, you really do get to take advantage of the surrounding sims air space and the handy draw distance options we have in our viewers. Do make sure to uncheck the limit select distance option in advanced settings when you do though, otherwise nothing will work for you, and you may think it is because you are too far away.

While there I was lucky enough to get this adorable Doll Head by Fashionably Dead in the rare bunny option first go. Now I was totally stoked with whatever I was going to get, but I will totally admit to being even more impressed at the options. This head doesn’t just come as is, you get tone options, brow options and eye colour options, when you click on it and choose appearance from the menu. This is great, as it can help you get closer to a skin tone you have, as skin is not included. I did however just fall for the big beautiful dark brown eyes, so left them as the default, but do play around with it, and even if you get the same one as your friends, now you know you can still be different.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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