Danger Days filled with Fun

Whimsy & Sasy

It has been a while since Whimsy and I stood side by side this closely, usually it is at a 19m distance – Whimsy likes being within chat distance, which I always laugh at because we are usually in skype on voice the whole time online anyway. The danger day jeans are part of the Miseria release for My Attic @ The Deck, which only has about 19 hours left until it closes for this session. The jeans come in two colours, with two poses included. We didn’t use the poses, but we just both really loved the jeans. My favourite part I realised is actually not shown, and that is that they have cute little splits up the side at the bottom, just to give realism to the fact that they are true skinny jeans.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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