A dress for JJ

Devant Dolce

I have been sitting on this dress for a few weeks now, so excited I was when it was in the process of being made, as I had only ever seen a Tstrap dress like this in RL many years ago and it was instant love. Wow actually so many years ago now at least 20…it is bizarre sometimes to even think of having memories of adulthood that far back, and for the record I am only 40.

I love the Tstrap as mentioned, but I really also like the folds of the skirt portion of the dress, as it just moves so well when you walk, or pose with a hip jut. Very sexy indeed. The dress comes in two types of colour palettes, a strong classics set, which I am wearing the chocolate version of now…then there is the brights set, which the lovely Willow Zander showed in full on her blog HERE. The Devant dresses are part of this session of My Attic @ The Deck, so do not miss out on the opportunity of great savings.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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