All Laced Up

Leather 1

Leather 2

Leather 3

Lace 1

Dayglo 1

Loft 1

Loft 2

Loft 3

Loft 4

Loft 5

Leather HUD

Lace HUD

DayGlo Fatpack HUD

Sneak peaks are funna. This is the soon to be released for League item, that will be a feature at Whore Couture Fair that is about to begin in a few days. The list of designers is huge, you can see it HERE. One thing I always love is a great corset, and these new ones by League are greater than great, they are divine. Not only are they beautiful and unique in style, but they also have options that give you many ways to wear them, and definitely make them a must have item. You will be able to wear them casually as I did in the firts pics, more adventurous, girly like, or with a club vibe…whatever takes your fancy, they will work.

I have taken pics of the HUDs as well, as the three styles have different options. First off the leather, they come with the straps down, one up one down, or sleeveless. Then you have all the studs options metal wise, as well as off. LOVE THAT !  Then there is the Lace version, which only comes in three colours at the moment, but I am sure there will be bigger releases on those and the dayglo after the event. The Lace version is more detailed than the leather. The options with the sleeves is the same, but with the added bonus of black trim, or brown trim, or no trim. Then there is the different boning options in both trim colours, or no boning at all. Then also the studs or no studs etc.

Then you have the Dayglo, which is also only three colours so far, but the bonus if you buy the three in one pack, is that the sleeves will change to the other colours, so that is even more options wise…these are gorgeous, and in all three variations, I adore the uneven bottom, and the straps are just gorgeous and alluring. The other item being released is the ADD-ON skirt. This beautiful silky skirt comes in many colours, and fits perfectly under the corset, to make either a contrast look, or an all in one dress. There is also a hud for the skirts that lets you change them from clean to dirty, which is really like an ombre look at the bottom. You will be able to see all that in the demos I would expect, but definitely mark your calendars for the day the fair opens, because it is going to be HUGE…

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