Big City


A few weeks ago I joined Kavar on a little shopping trip. He Tp’d me over to Grasp, and while he was deciding on which jacket colours to buy, I was falling in love with these incredible cargo with suspenders shorts in mesh. Years ago I had some similar long shorts that used the skirt system layer in a genius way to make the straps…but these definitely surpass those. They are a tad large for me, because there are only three sizes, but the style allows for the size, and there is a demo, so be sure to try them…you will fall for them too.

Then when I was sure I had found my happy for the night, I found this amazing jacket, that not only has a HUD for changing the shirt colours, but also has a shirt off option, so you can still wear system shirts OR nothing underneath it…HOT HOT HOT. The jacket also has an optional fur trim for the hood, I really like that it is optional.

Click HERE to read more at .


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