You’re Magan me crazy



I am wearing Chloe again , the mesh head by LOGO. The reason being, is that the NEW Sadie head is about to hit the store this weekend, and I wanted to revisit Chloe before that. There are many wonderful NEW features coming, so stay tuned over the next week to see Sadie. I have to say with all this wonderful mesh on, taking pics and getting them prepared for a post is getting a lot faster, seeing as there is no need to really edit anything, more presentation than fixes.

The jacket I am featuring in this post is one of the recent releases by Maitreya. A big release last week. Stunning shoes, clothing and accessories all complimenting each other. Today though just the jacket from that release, as the other items are from Fanatik. The double breasted button down short coat style is wonderful, but my favourite part is definitely the sleeves. Their fullness gives you more wiggle room when it comes to fit, but it is definitely the style of them that really compliments the movement that mesh generally needs in that area.

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