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Helena 1

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Helena 3

One of the greatest things about Second Life is COPY…we don’t appreciate it enough. The reason that I am praising of the COPY is of course, the amount of time it can take to put a house together, and have it just the way you want it, but then something could happen, and all your hard work could just vanish. Sure sometimes it all just ends up in your lost and found folder, but we have all had experiences I am sure, where that has not been the case. I still think there is a bath somewhere floating around SL with my name on it.

When I was younger I had a tendency to be really badly edit challenged, like so bad that my friends used to have to go off in search of random items at death defying heights lol. If I was trying to move an item a metre, it would shoot off through the wall never to be seen again, that is the story of the bath, the worst part of that, is that it happened three times, and the third time was not the charm…gone forever. I shouldn’t say forever though, because about a month ago I suddenly had an item returned to me from lands unknown which I had not seen for nearly four years, so go figure.

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