Fruityness – FaMEShed





Amae1- Solids

Amae2 - Duo

I have so much love for the new Amae sandals by Celoe. Not only because the heels on them are killer sexy, but also because of the colours, and the options. Not only do they have 10 beautiful solid colours – I have to admit to you, I actually really like the purple even, and that is a huge thing – but also 8 gorgeous combination duo colours. The HUD also has three metal textures – Silver, Gold, Black – that allow you to change all the metal on the shoes, and it is amazing the difference that the metal change can make. I included pics of all colours and one colour with all the metals, so you could see. With the duos, I also changed the metals to the ones I liked best for my mood at the time.

The silver shines, the gold can enrich and even soften the look, and the black just gives them a funky strong look. I love it. I wanted to show different looks with them, because at first glance its RAWR, but then I realised in the biscotti, that they turned into a gladiator sandal look, which was awesome.

The first pic is to show off some fruityness, the citrus colours of the Zesty and Tang, come together in the one shoe. I love them as stand alone colours, but together, YUM! I was so lucky to be able to find the right yellow in this really cute lingerie set by Mon Cherie. All this bright citrus colouring also allowed me to pull out the Zenith colour in the Effect hair by LeLutka. I also pulled out the dividers from the Shaken WinxBox, tinted them for a brighter green and voila!

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