Not Rabbit Season – Collabor88







1. Happy RezDay Whimsy Winx – I hope that she has the most awesome of days, her being part of my Second Life for 6 years has definitely made it richer.

2. Another good friend of mine is in DC at the moment. Every year he and his partner are part of the SDA Charity Marathon. So far they have raised over 135000USD for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The event has gamers from all over, traveling to DC so that they can do speed gaming online. That is probably not the greatest of description of it, these people all come together to not only share their skills, but also to unite to help a wonderful charity. So if you are into gaming, and have a few dollars to spare, click on the link and help them out.

Now onto the fashion. Recently League released these gorgeous faux fur pea coats. The colours and style reminded me of 1985. I was in the UK, and at the time one of the biggest fashion trends was fluffy big faux fur coats like this. They came in fabulous pastel colours, I wanted one so badly. Unfortunately with the price tag, as well as how heavy it was going to be to take back to Australia, it was alas a no go. This coat now lets me have my fabulous memories, look great wearing it, as well as being soft and luxurious.

Click HERE to read more at .



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