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Only a few more days until the Collabor88/December 2012 collection is changed over, and in its place,  the first Collabor88 of 2013. I have been running around in my underwear – this underwear – for days now, trying to get my post done…so if you saw me tping around, just know that it is not exactly how I spend my time in world usually. These days underwear is a must have item, because with mesh not rezzing immediately and alphas slow on the uptake, you can be really rather exposed to strangers. So being able to scoop up such lovely sets as these Catalina sets by The Sea Hole- at such a mervelous price – is a great thing.

The bra and panties come on all layers, and because of my modesty – and my no nipples policy – I wore all layers, so that you cannot see what you can see with only one. The one layer option is not overly revealing, just more than I do on my blog, so you will love the sets, also the colour combinations are splendid…I really like how different colours were layered over each other, to form really adorable sets.

The other reason for wearing such beautiful lingerie, was that this post was to feature the upcoming shoes release by Maitreya Gold…

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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