Strolling – FaMESHed, Collabor88


It is already the second for me, but I can imagine some heads are hurting all over the world right now. The beginning of the month; means it is the start of another round of FaMESHed. Today I am wearing adorable beanie hat/hair by Wasabi Pills, that has a HUD Control for the buttons, the stitches and the beanie itself…so you get to coordinate with your outfit. The necklace – also at FaMESHed – is the full combo of necklaces based on anukaa beads and Ethiopian cross styled jewellery. The beautiful set by Gossamer Jewellery also comprises of many options of wear, giving you strand types as well as earrings – not shown due to length of hair.

The dress I am wearing – by Ingenue – is at Collabor88/December, that is winding down in the next week, so if you haven’t gone back for more of the goodies, take the time now. It is a very simple tunic style dress, but it is the simplicity that makes it so beautiful. The colours available are based on the frost theme of this month, and the length if flirty and fun. The style doe allow for ease of wear over pants, or leggings if you want a warmer look.

Click HERE to read more at .


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