Cottaged Away – Collabor88, My Attic


Cottage 2

Happy new Year from Down Under…it was so loud here for about 16 minutes, I thought that the sky was going to open up and swallow us all. Everyone sounded like they were having a great time though, so there is that. The time to get all dollied up on the other sides of the world ( yes apparently the world that is round still has sides) is coming up fast, and it is time to gather together and sing songs of things that really don’t make any sense, and drink until you can’t remember what it was you wanted to do in the New Year anyway…or not. You can stay sober and have just as much fun, and if you do drink, make sure you stay where you are until you are sober, or walk home, no driving please.

Locking yourself away in an awesome snow cabin, is also an idea. This one by Trompe Loeil is adorable. It is low land impact, and even has snow and trees surrounding it, in case you don’t have the terraforming options on your land yourself. It is a cozy space for one, or two – if you are lucky that way…and it is available in different colours, and there is that lovely corduroy sofa and chair also available at Collabor88. Only a week left to go grab everything at this session.

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