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First thing I have to do today, is apologise to Mel. In all my trying to make sure that his eyes were not my eyes, and changing the colours etc…I forgot the more important thing. The most important thing of course, was to make sure I was not still wearing my girly girl brow shape lol. When I showed him my post of the Mens Belleza skins, he said it was very peculiar that he somehow looked like me, he of course likes to rib me at every and any opportunity, but I made loud exclamations of “NO WAY” and then he let me know my brows were still MY brows. So Mel my handsome thick browed Man, I love you, and I am sorry I made you look girly browed. This just of course gives you more of a reason to go over to Belleza and try all the male skins on yourself, with your Manly brows.

A day or so ago – time is lost on me these days – Whimsy and I went over to Scarlet Creative, as she is having a huge SALE. The SALE actually ends today, so you need to get over there fast. You will also need some time, because you will be going through two of  the rezzers and wanting to snatch up pretty much everything in sight. Be aware though, the stuff in the rezzer is much older, and has a huge prim count in most cases, so even though they are reduced to an incredible 50L if you do not have the prim budget you will find yourself in trouble. But I highly recommend buying up lots of them, because they are great to even pull apart and use for backgrounds etc. As well as the rezzer items, there are some newer less prims houses/builds for SALE prices as well. They are in the 250L price range, be very sure though when buying, because I did notice that one or two of them had both pay and buy options, and one is not sale priced…

Click HERE to read more at .



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