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Countdown is Progressing…………now get that song out of your head. It is Boxing Day Down Under, and Eating Day down here was wet and much cooler than years past. It was a lovely day though spent with my Mum, and nibbling on delightful foodstuffs throughout the day. I hope you all had a wonderful Eating Day with your loved ones. The day before was Anessa Stine’s Rezday, so to all those that also celebrated rezdays this week – there are a lot that join over the holidays, what with new pcs and all that jazz, I hope you had much fun, and had people that adore you and are grateful you joined SL as much as we are that Anessa did many moons ago.

A bit of a MichaMi roundup today, as soon as I saw the Blanche tuxedo jacket, I got all excited about looks I would want to do. I had to size up and size down to achieve maximum mix and match potential, but with the greatness that is standard sizing, that was achievable. I layered the fabulous jacket over the recently released Kiaa dress. The dress is a lovely mini with side panels and ruched front effect – the ruching is stronger at the torso. The dress can be casual or dressy, dependent on how you wear it, and what you wear it with. I also added the lovely tilda leggings underneath, that are also mesh. The leggings will not fit under if you don’t have the room, but the look can of course be recreated with system leggings as well. It will all just depend on what sizes you have to play with, for a good look body wise….

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