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Sleigh Me

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My Attic @ The Deck is doing its next session starting tomorrow, so I have been buzzing around, and decided to step back and get some much needed blogging done.

I love winter fashion, and with the theme of this months Collabor88 taking that to delicious heights, I am even more so. With it being summer down here though, it can be very hard to watch yourself in layers, while the fan is trying to stop you from melting. While I have only been sledding once, and by once, I actually mean one time once, one go down the hill and that was enough for me – we wont even mention that the hill was about 5ft high, I am way too girly and accident prone for such daredevil feats. But a sled such as this one by Cheeky Pea @ Collabor88, was definitely a must have wall adornment, and you  never know, I may just take it for a spin in SL where I can’t hurt myself. It actually has a vehicle script inside of it, with some charming animations, so make sure you get some for fun with friends…

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