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I have never had such a serious case of ‘what can go wrong, will go wrong’ in my blogging days, as I did today. It actually started last night, unable to save a picture, I was actually getting popups saying ‘Cannot save image’ which I don’t remember ever seeing in the past. Then relog after relog, and then I was a cloud. After all of that, I just went to sleep. Waking up today I knew at least I was dressed and ready to go, but again, the same cannot save issues. Relog, reinstall and retry, the three new R’s of my life. I decided though after all that to try with the alt I use for The Deck, and it saved…logged back in to main and voila, saved. It goes to show having an empty inventory account on the side is sometimes a benefit.

Then after all of that, I realised that I didn’t have my hands on…how did we ever cope without them I do not know, but ugh. So took new pics and then realised OMG I forgot to put my hands on AGAIN.  But I kept going, because I love this outfit I put together from some way old LeLutka items, and some new and exciting pieces from events. Also to bring attention to the amazing new hair by LeLutka based on Fairy Tales, which is their second foray into this treasure trove of inspiration. The Rapunzel hair is a beautiful long braided style that with the help of mesh and rigging, actually will move as you do…this is one of those things that really makes you so grateful that we have rigging and mesh now. The hair also has a special GIFT, each style in the new release actually came with special gifts, so make sure to look for them in the folders. The gift with Rapunzel is an adorable Chameleon shoulder pet, he has moving eyes and an up or down tail option with 5 great colours to choose from. The other great thing is that you can resize him and rez him in world so you can have little friends all over the place.

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