Bee all you can Bee


Liaison 2

Liaison 3

Liaison 4

Liaison 5


Liaison 6

Liaison 7

New shoes that take me back in time to the 80’s in the best of ways. The Liaison pumps are about to be released at Maitreya in the next few days, (possibly tomorrow) and they come in an abundance of rich colours. On top of the fabulous colour range, they also have four different wear options that make them very versatile from day to night and well into the wee hours.

First off the have the pointed toe pump look down to perfection, with a great steel heel that is nestled inside of the sole. The sole also has four options of colour from the HUD, you have black, red, tan or the default colour of the shoe. Then the shoes via HUD have an option for strap or no strap, and sock or no sock – the sock is more of a legwarmer look, which is so dance fabulous. Then the fourth option is to wear the straps over the socks look, which is just too irresistible to me…

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