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Bees through the Seasons 1

Bees through the Seasons 2

Every once in a while I put out a random challenge for people to comment on blogs. In the past it has been 10 comments in one day, but some find that difficult, so I changed it. I approached Katya Valeska with the challenge, and she was kind enough to put it on the SL Bloggers Support blog, spreading the word through the group, and letting people know of this idea. I was over the moon when I couldn’t sleep the other night, opened up Iheartsl and there at the top of the feed was this post by Sophee Mojo about it, I had not seen the SLBS post as of yet, so I was so excited to see Sophee do this.

I wrote:

This would hopefully turn into an ongoing practice. The idea is that ten times a week you comment on a blog post by another Second Life blogger. Each comment should be on a different blog, and should show support for what it is that bloggers do. A small comment such as ‘ great pics’ or ‘ really loved the styling’ or ‘ I found that information useful’ depending on what type of post it is, can really bring a smile to the faces of bloggers. If for some reason the blogs you choose do not have commenting available, then consider commenting on their Flickr pictures.

 We all know how much effort and passion goes into blogging, so with that in mind, go forth and comment your hearts out.

I do hope that you take on this challenge, and even if you don’t do ten a week, just one could really have an impact on someones day. It can be months of radio silence, and I have heard comments made to the effect of “does it matter that I blog at all ?” or “Do people like what I do ?” I think it is incredibly important to let people know that it is, and that it does matter. Without blogs Second Life can be a very big and overwhelming grid, and with the help of bloggers and their insight and tips, tricks and tutorials…it can definitely make it a little more manageable. I love when I get comments, and I love hearing from people in world about my blog, sometimes the IMs are to help find something I blogged, or just to ask questions about blogging, but it is because of blogging that those IMs come my way and I am grateful for that.

Now onto the fashion. This Electra hair is one of the three NEW styles released by LeLutka. I was lucky enough to have this one early, so for a week or so, off and on, I was hiding away in my sky platform loving it.. The longer I wore it, the more I became smitten by it, and especially the fact that the baby tendrils at the front are wonderful, if you also wear the hairbases that have similar tendrils at the hairline…

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