Chloe let your hair hang down – LOGO Mesh Hybrid

LOGO Default HUD and Mini Expressions HUD

Default HUD

LOGO Default Make Ups

Default Make Ups

LOGO Default Eyebrows

Default Brows

LOGO Default Lashes

Default Lashes

Logo Noses

Default Noses

LOGO Default Eyes 2

LOGO Default Eyes 1

Default Eyes

LOGO Default Cheeks

Default Cheeks

LOGO Default Expressions 2

LOGO Default Expressions 1

Default Emotions

LOGO Skin Options and Tattoos

LOGO Skin Options and Tattoos Bottom

Default Skin Options

LOGO Additional Make Up HUDS Lips, Cheeks, Eyeshadows

Add On Make Up HUDS

This has been a big week for innovative skin releases, and this Hybrid mesh and skin combination is definitely something worth seeing up close and personal. Gogo and Willow have both done fantastic posts so far on this release, and unlike the fear many have about mesh making us look the same, I don’t think that we do. Features yes but its how you play with the combinations that give much more than imagined….

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