Crystall Dunes and Second Life Stock Images


Crystall Dunes 1  - Stock Image

This is one of those times where you have to run, not walk – or in our case TP – as fast as you can, because you only have two days left. Crystall Dunes was open to the public recently, and so much love was bandied back and forth about it, that Neva has graciously extended the time until the 7th of November. Now if you do not know about Crystall Dunes, just imagine if every single home decor item or furniture piece you have ever admired, was set up in a way as to create the perfect home, or in this case homestead, because there is not only one house on the sim. Then the outdoors also is just beautiful, soft, subtle and has hundreds of possible photo taking oppurtunities.

Now a year or so ago we started the Second Life Stock Images group on Flickr, you have possibly seen me mention it before. It was actually inspired by Cajsa Lilliehook who so often sends out a long list of possible locations for photography, and the different attributes the location has, such as being able to rez or scripts yes or no, and so on. You see I tend to want to shoot outdoors, but by the time I find a space, and am happy with the location, something always goes wrong. Then with frustration I return to my VR Studio and am in bliss and safe from the outdoors and take my pics.

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