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Amina Booties 1

Amina Booties 2

I have been having the last few days off, running around Second Life with Whimsy, Anessa and her Sister Jhuzen who has returned after a few years afk. We had a great time running all over the place, at the same time having to reteach her just about everything because the last two years have been the biggest changes overall.  With viewers and mesh being the most obvious.

Taking the days off though and nattering on and on about everything we could, was definitely a wonderful change to the usual routine, it was fun, I strongly suggest everyone takes a day off, even if while still logged in at least once a fortnight. Anessa herself had been having a hiatus of late from her blog On Your Toes, which has been a great shoes focused blog since 2007 and with her 700th post this past week, she has given it a clean out, and will be returning to blogging more regularly as well as featuring more of a whole look, which is great because she has always put together ensembles to feature with the shoes anyway.

All of that definitely worth mentioning seeing as today I am not only featuring some great footwear but also one of her dresses from DCNY, as well as a lovely dress from Fanatik.

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