Twiggette – Vintage Fair, My Attic/August

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Only a few days left of Vintage Fair 2012, and it has been a wonderful event. So many truly inspired takes on the whole concept of vintage, from all different time periods which has been really cool to see. The dress I am featuring in this post is the Printed Shift Dress by Ison, they did an amazing release for this event. Three stunning dresses, and footwear, all with a very 60′s influence, and the styles would have any lover of that era chomping at the bit to get their bodies draped in such beautiful pieces…I know I was.

The shift dress is a delight print wise and colour combination wise, and while normally I would rock out some white boots for this kind of look, this softer tan colour just brought out the beautiful creamy tones in each dress colour combination. I have taken the pics in the third of the WinxBoxes released for My Attic @ The Deck/August, this is the Stirred WinxBox and has texture change everything, this is my favourite of the three released, because it has both the very Mod 60′s influence to it, but also the colours and ‘racing stripes’ give it a fun Music Video kind of feel, you need to try it to see what I mean…

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