Radegast Viewer

Today I am going to do a post about the Radegast Viewer .Radegast has been around since 2009 and was originally a very light viewer with no visual detailing, more a text based client that allowed for people to interact from one space. This made it easy for people on the go to perform necessary tasks like customer issues, and being in world for meetings etc but without using all the resources needed for a regular viewer. Fiachra often logged in on this viewer to just chat, and would stand on our then platform and not be able to see himself or anything around him. All of that has changed over the years, and Radegast has an incredible amount of power now, but is still light weight for those unable to always run Second Life at full capacity.

The reason this viewer needed/deserved a mention is that while Hair Fair was on, Fiachra logged in on it – as he had been having problems logging into the regular viewer – and yet managed to do Hair Fair. The whole time he was at the event, I kept asking about everything he was doing and experiencing and was in awe of the answers. This viewer may be the answer for those that can’t do big events usually because of rendering and lag issues, and while I haven’t tested it in that capacity myself, it is definitely worth trying. One of the biggest contributors to lag is loading what you see, well in this case you only see what you choose to. I will explain as we go.

How objects are viewed is really amazing, and will take some practice, but definitely worth checking out. Especially the buying objects and looking at contents etc.

During the pic taking of this viewer, I was in world on my own account in firestorm, I logged in the rental alt for The Deck to have both on same time. So anything you see behind the Radegast screen is me in Firestorm.

All images are huge on flickr so click the image if you want a closer look.

Radegast Viewer - Logged in

Log in screen and Radegast viewer screen. Everything you see in the white box is how the viewer is visible while logged in. Visible avatars in the region listen on the right – I removed names of people and things I did not know or have connection to.

Radegast Viewer - File Menu

File Menu : as shown shows the basic functions such as log out and preferences, as well as upload options. This surprised me, as my history with this viewer as mentioned was many years ago and such a limited use, now you could do a lot of work with an alt at the same time, rather than have two full viewers running at once. Definitely good for business partners, or people that run businesses off another account that want to keep creator info current….

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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