It matters what you say, not just to me

I am not made for the internet. I don’t understand that whole separation from reality mindset that many have. I definitely don’t understand how people think that what they say in one place doesn’t attach itself to another. I see people in social networks doing and saying things and honestly believing that it doesn’t have anything to do with their Second Life. If the reason you have any friends, or followers on an identity created for Second Life, wouldn’t it make sense that everything you do is connected to it ?

There was a huge incident recently to do with Chick fil A – some info here – and it spread all over the networks, so many opinions shared or otherwise, but the majority felt that what the person did made a huge impact on the company…a negative one. So why would it be any different in Second Life and the branches that extend from. If you run a business here, wouldn’t everything you do be under some kind of microscope. It seems to be, when people want to rally against something. But when individuals just want to let it rip in some other medium and say derogatory things about other businesses or people, it is ok to let the freak flag fly, or is it ?

For every hundred followers on a social network, there are at least two thirds of those people just silently watching what is going on, then of the third left behind, half either follow along not wanting to rock the boat – the people being bad may have branches they like to climb – and the others are a mix of differing opinions vocally or biding their time. All the statistics of course are made up, but it is the  two thirds that interest me the most. Yes many of those may not ever see anything at all, they may have joined the network, added some people, accepted some invites and moved on, but there are also many that watch, take it in, and judge based on what they see.

Real life companies these days are scouring peoples facebook accounts, twitter feeds and so on, because they want to see what kind of character their employees have, how they are conducting themselves as representatives of a brand. This is no different in Second Life. Real money is involved and real reactions occur to what is put out there. It is easy to say that you are a person who has a right to speak your mind and so on, and yes that is true, but Second Life is 24/7 . I think it is a case of you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too, you may think you are having the cake, but many are getting a bite or two only, and the ones conducting themselves professionally at all times are getting the cherry on top as well.

To summarise, and yes I know I write like I talk, and that is just so confusing:

Don’t put down the creations or work of others, whether it be a store, a blogger or someone sharing their latest doodle in a public space, those people may also be on your timeline and it is hurtful. Don’t air your grievances with 400+ people you don’t actually know, if you are upset about something that is important to you, talk to people that are also really important to you privately. Don’t share customer interactions in a negative light with all your followers. If you delete the name, the person that is having that interaction with you may also be on your timeline, this may also put off others from purchasing from you, because if there is an issue they just witnessed how you would deal with it.

I am not a saint, I am the first to admit that if I don’t like something I will say so to my closest friends I happen to be with at the time, that is normal, but as far as letting hundreds of people know, just because I can, that would not happen. It is not only about conducting yourself professionally, because you may own a business, it is also about conducting yourself in a way that speaks volumes about your character.



Now about the fashion…

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2 thoughts on “It matters what you say, not just to me

  1. Perhaps you should take your own advice?

    I hope that this brings to light some more of the evil that seems to run through one of these companies.
    Threats of take downs, removal of products people have invested thousands in, calling customers the C word in open group chat, because of not wanting to deal with questions regarding updates.
    Fear and bullying tactics that have just astounded me, and disgusted me as people kept paying into thier pockets.
    They sure as hell weren’t the sweet kind people that they showed themselves as being when they started this project.

    Posted by: Sasy Scarborough | Friday, December 17, 2010 at 08:49 PM

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