Hair Fair 2012 – Here ChiChickie Mina Moon

Tanya Amanda

Lente Anouk

Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner
Bandana Day 2012 poster

I had so much fun with these two looks, different hair but same outfits, and it works. But it was definitely the second look that was my geeky favourite. It has that studious girl thing going on, with that carefree fashion sense, so fun with lime glasses to boot. Two hair stores in one post this time from Hair Fair 2012…I am running out of time to do posts as it is Bandana Day on the 29th and I am looking forward to “Removing my hair to show I care” as we do every last day of Hair Fair since 2007. You can still purchase your Bandanas for only 50L at Hair Fair, and so far they have raised over 100,000 lindens that will be added to the other donations and go to Wigs for Kids. Remember all the Bandanas are sold transfer permissions so you can buy up some for friends, and it is always handy to have some spare for events through the year…

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