Hair Fair 2012 – Rock n Clawtooth

Going Steady



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Today I took a break for three hours and watched the Olympics Opening ceremony with Whimsy Winx. The United Kingdom did an incredible job at creating an amazing event. There was a few tears shed my end, and lots of goosebumps, I was really moved by the fact that this is the first ever Olympics that all nations had a female competitor, not just because it is the first year they qualified, but because their countries in the past did not allow it. I will laugh for days at Whimsy declaring that the woman that was declared the ‘Champion of Earth’ during the carrying of the Olympic flag was not wearing a cape, and she wanted to take the gold from the UK teams uniforms and make her one. All in all it was very enjoyable, I did unfortunately miss the first part of it, so missed Duran Duran and their video they shot in Second Life for the event, but I am sure it will be online eventually.

I was all hyped up and rawr, so the pics ended up with a rock n roll kind of look happening.

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