Hair Fair 2012 – OhMai Goodness – a plea




Isla 1

Isla 2

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Every year during Hair Fair, one of my favourite things to do is check on what Anya Ohmai has done. This is because every year since the ‘shoulder up’ – thats what I call it – series, she has done amazing Hair Fair hair pictures. This year is just as amazing, and you can see them HERE on her Flickr if you haven’t already. This year though, is her second year attending Hair Fair as a participant, and so this post is the hair she released for the fair.

The three styles shown are Gillian, Ginta and Chloe, and while they are pretty and girly, they are definitely casual to dressier in wear-ability. In the first two I especially love the thin headband and half updo creation at the back, with the hair having more volume at the top, it is very lovely and creates a beautiful silhouette. I matched two of the styles together with the new mesh blazer from Elate, this blazer is really nice to wear, and the contrast piping had me so excited. Whether with long pants, like these gorgeous ones from Celoe, or shorts that are very fetching, the look works so well.

I kept with the shorts look and am wearing the really pretty cardigan from The Sea Hole at Colllabor88. This cardigan comes with the bra top hardwired to it, I really wish designers would not do that, I know I have said it before, but as clothes most of the time are built as layers in PS/Gimp, keep them that way. That cardigan as its own item would be so wearable with many other things, other bra tops, same with the bra top that is underneath, it would be a lovely go to bra for many things, even as a default always worn kind of bra, as it is strapless and low enough to wear under most mesh. While the creativity of the designer is incredibly important…

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