Hair Fair 2012 – It’s your Vanity


Moon Dance


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Shadow Lines

Ok so , while there are a few things running around Second Life about how to ‘fix’ the lines that shadow pictures in Second Life produce, there are no exact things that at this time can remove them entirely…not to my knowledge anyway. There are a few solutions on Jiras, and Elysium Eilde did a fantastic tutorial on how to remove them on You Tube HERE. I had looked into solutions right back when it all started, and sometimes was lucky enough to not get lines at all.

I worked out one thing with all my picture taking though, and think that it may help some of you who find the lines so frustrating you do not want to shoot pics that way anymore. The lines are locked to your mouse…ok that is not technically the way to describe it, but you can test it to see.

If you alt click your mouse away from your body, where you may even crop the image when in PS/GIMP or, just somewhere where you are not too worried about the image, that is where those little lines will cross. Go on test it. Then once you have taken your picture, because you clicked low enough or high enough to not have the crosses go over your body in both directions, or you just have one horizontal line across your legs and you can easily smudge those out or remove using Elysiums knowledge you will be a much happier photographer. Again while this is not a solution to have line free images without doing any after work, it sure does make it less annoying.

Check out more of Elysiums Tutorials HERE.

Moving on to Hair Fair 2012 and the release by Vanity Hair. These three styles are beautiful , and each style comes with a hairbase, the third one comes with the amazing cornrow base that is just stunning.

Click HERE to read more at .



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