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First thing is that I am so excited to be asked to be a Faculty Pick for this month on SLStyle Academy. It was totally an honor to be asked, and I am sure eventually they will get around to everyone on their great feed, but getting asked to share a blogger choice and a store choice was a lovely thing to be able to do. There are hundreds if not thousands of bloggers in SL and I wish I knew them all, I think everyone that blogs with passion and wants to really share the community spirit of Second Life are amazing, and a big shout out to all of them, but I could only choose one, so I went closest to home, right beside me on our blogging platform Whimsy Winx of Virtually Dressed Blog. I tease her all the time about ‘The history of Denim” because when she is really passionate about a post, she can go into such detail that it is so informative to read and enjoy, she really cares about helping people understand things she wants to share.

The other pick, was of course the VR Studio by VR Foundry, I could not blog without it, but not only do I use it for blogging, but for any kind of picture taking as well as other things that the tools allow for. I love the freedom I have using the library HUD that lets me pose anywhere I need to, I love the ability to control up to 6 posestands at once if wanting to do group shots and so on, but I also love the ease in which I can keep every libray organised by store if I want to , or I can fill them with types of poses, so swapping to a library of sit poses or laying poses is just a click.

There are new faculty picks posted every month on the feed, and the other two this month are great blog choices for sure, so make sure you visit them if you get the time.

Click HERE to read more at .



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