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So many things going on all around Second Life at the moment, but the one thing that has kept myself, Mel, Whimsy, Ashia and Gabby busy for the past few months has been preparations for Hair Fair 2012.  For the months we have been in a kind of controlled environment within the controlled environment of Second Life. The outcome is the event itself, with over 80 incredible Hair designers present, and hundreds of amazing NEW styles featured only at the event for its duration.

I have been on the committee since 2007, I had never even attended the prior one – which was the first – as it was before I existed. It has been my favourite event ever since, we become immersed in it, and being able to hear all the positive feed back this year has been wonderful. The event as many know – but some may not – is to benefit Wigs for Kids through a portion of sales going to them after the event is final. Every year I am so impressed by the generosity of the hair designers, their customers old and new, and the bloggers who not only spread the word through their blogs, but also shop hard the day before it opens, and days that follow. So rather than natter on longer, a big heartfelt thanks to everyone for being such an amazing community.

I took some pictures of the sims yesterday, while people were flying about and shopping lots, it was fun to watch, and I did kind of wish I could grab pics of the people themselves, but I always feel like that would be intruding without permission, and by the time I take a shot and get to IM they are usually gone – makes notes to get IM open first lol. Mel Vanbeeck and Whimsy Winx built the sims, all four of them on a platform in the sky weeks prior to setting up, one sim at a time because we didn’t have enough prims to do all four at once. What they managed to create together, for something that is only up for two weeks, to me is just amazing…you can call me biased, but I love the sims a lot. You can actually read info on all that was done to help make this Hair Fair not only visually appealing, but also do a lot to help with performance/lag issues, it’s a combo post of my old tips and tricks and the new facts, written with Mel Vanbeeck.

A big shout out to the people over at SeraphimSL who are celebrating their first birthday with a huge hunt starting today. You can get all the info on their website HERE, Happy Birthday Seraphim.

Now onto the fashion…

Click HERE to read more at .



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