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A big Happy 2nd Birthday to Chic Management, who are celebrating with a big event Chic2 with many incredible designers, and the most adorable booths set up in a circular setting three levels high. While you are there you can also check out some lovely statements made by people about Chic Management and their relationships over the years.

More mesh delights today, with the big release from Maitreya.

IMPORTANT : before I start going on and on, I wanted to mention that the NEW items have a NEW Size added, there is now a S + option for those that are still small, but have larger breasts, so that you do not have to size up. So be sure to demo if you haven’t fit in the past.

I remember when mesh first came about a few people all wanted the elongated tube tops from Maitreya that were originally released in sculpts to be done in mesh. While that hasn’t happened, this is close enough. A definitely boho edge to the release, with these Cupio tops with the beautiful beaded halter ties strung on leather. I think the colours pack is so cute that the beading is more quirky and colourful for those. The tops look wonderful with the new flare jeans, so 70’s inspired and just beautiful, I am secretly jonesing for a pair with patches.

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