Twicing – When once is not enough




Love 1a

Ok so my obsession confession today is about my latest watching habit. I found Days of our lives episodes on Youtube, and I have been watching them back to back since last september for the past three days. Oh my goodness the amount of drama that can happen in that show in like three days their time. Seriously how any of those families are still living in that town is beyond me, because that place is crazy. But thankfully so, because it does make it fun to watch. Even the crazy in Australian soaps is bordering on boring at the most…we don’t seem to do as far fetched as they do in the States, or even Korea, lol another place that does amazing drama. Whimsy got me hooked on those for a little bit, but I have to confess, it is way too hard to get anything done when you have to read your television.

My Attic is in its last days for this edition, so I am showing three of the items released for this event. I love the versatility of the first, not only one option of wear, but actually three main ones, and then extras dependent on whether you wear the stockings or not. This sequined beauty is from Elymode and is just super sexy. The 54 Dress has options of bodysuit, jumper/sweater or the mini dress. It is a mesh hybrid, having mesh sleeves and the micro mini insert where the front panel is mesh and the back is regular prim. This allows for a beautiful fit and incredibly striking look. The sleeves are flared and beautiful, with the gartered stockings a great addition to the look……….

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