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Skin Addiction Showcase 2

Skin Addiction Showcase 1

Often as is the case with photography in Second Life, there can be a feeling of too much space. If you aren’t a location photographer, you can sometimes opt for kitting out your space to fill that void. Unfortunately though, you can spend more time than you have, searching all through your inventory for bits and pieces to fill that area, and then as a blogger, you have to gather all the info and credit it – well you should, I don’t know if you do or not. With the introduction of the WinxBox though, that has all changed. The first of many to come is the Artist Studio WinxBox by W.Winx, and it is available at this edition of My Attic @ The Deck. 

The first one is actually a collaboration effort with Adorkable Poses, they not only provided the poses that come with this awesome box, but also did an additional add on pack called Paint Me, that are also part of the My Attic event. The WinxBox and all the ones that are yet to come, were made with shadows/windlight in mind, so that you could get really beautiful effects from not only the windows and skyroof, but also the props within. I am using my two favourite poses that come with the WinxBox and one that comes with the PaintMe pack, so as you can see, you will definitely want both. The WinxBox is small enough to fit inside your own skybox or outdoors, it has a transparent front, so you can see in, but you cannot see out, so you can take shots from any angle. Also all the pieces are included as separate items, so you can use them for other scenes if wanted.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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