Science fiction Double Feature



A big shout out to Gogo for helping me get back some posts that I had lost in a recent update, I was so sad about it as I really liked them, and didn’t have the info to repost them or I would have. But through Gogo’s genius, she made me aware that if you add blogs to your Google Reader, that they often don’t update for a long time, and can still retain old posts even if deleted, sure enough I added my own blog to my own Google Reader and there they were in full, so copy and paste and VOILA back on track…I am so happy and greatful that she knew this, so THANK YOU Gorgeous Yongho !

Second Shout Out goes to Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose, if you haven’t heard, she is CLOSING DOWN her store in the next few weeks forever. Until then all poses are reduced, so you need to go and get all the ones you never did before then. Dove has been an incredible Pose-maker for many years, she saw holes in the market and filled them often. She definitely did a lot to make mens photography expand, as there was such a small choice in that area of poses until she came along. Also many have such fun memories of her ‘Poop Hunts” and her April Fools jokes. She will be missed as a creator, but she is staying on as a resident, and she has definitely contributed to making Second Life a very photographic space. Thank you Dove xoxox

Another big shout out to all the incredible designers that are about to be part of the next edition of My Attic, I am so excited, the items I have seen so far are just HOT HOT HOT, the theme is Memories of Love and Lust, and I am loving and lusting over it all. That will start at 00.01am 21st May, so just after midnight. I am actually featuring two of the designers participating in this post, not their items, because that would be cheating lol.

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