Mixing some old favourites with some incredible new items. Clothing, footwear, and stunning accessories, most of the new items are MESH, and it really is a testament to how enriched our Second Life is becoming with the addition of this to the grid. While speaking of Mesh it is definitely time to mark your calendars with FaMESHed about to start on May 1st. Cracked and Vanity Mirror the team behind the label Cracked Mirror are bringing designers together under the one roof to share their Mesh items with the public.

This event will be monthly, running for three of the four weeks of each month. The idea is that you will be able to get a taste of different creations in the one spot, so that you may come for one or two known to you designers, and stay for all. Much like what is done with the big annual events in Second Life. The first list of Designers participating in this event is definitely a great one, so be sure to visit and grab as many demos as you can, then explore further visiting their main stores and seeing the quality extend even further.

Click Here to read more at Sasypants.com


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