Lace Ribbon

New Dress, New Bag, New Shoes, New Hair…Oh Yeah!

When it has come to texture clothing, I have always been a bit meh about layers being combined, not really a bit, more like a lot really. But that was because of all the possibilities I could foresee with pieces of each item, the chance to incorporate parts into other looks and so on. That desire has not changed, not really, but with Mesh one thing I have noticed that when on the go, having all in one looks is such a timesaver, and also just this side of really innovative. Yes it can allow for a quick snatch and wear, but it also gives you a real idea at the full representation of a look. Do I still wish the items were broken up, sure, of course I do, but when items are so good together, then I will just relish that we have them at all.

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