Taut and Terrific

Hye Glam

You know those days when you log in and then hours later you realise you haven’t moved on step, because your IMs didn’t stop since you arrived. Today was another one of those days, and while I absolutely love the interaction, sometimes I wonder where the day went, and why it went so fast.

I really do love IM’s though, almost as much as I love in person avatar to avatar conversations. Nothing is more fun than being out and about and running into people you know, or know of, and partaking in a chatter that can end up incredibly fun and informative. Whimsy and I run around all over the place, and for a while there, we would run into all sorts of wonderful people and just congregate in a chatting circle. So if you ever see us around in world, please don’t ever hesitate to say hi.

Today I was playing around with shadows, did a fun shot earlier in the day that I left on flickr only, just because I was wearing everything you have already seen in the last two days posts, but if you want to go look here is the link. All of my pics go to my flickr, all you have to do is click them, and it also leads you to bigger versions of the same pics, so that I don’t use up all the bandwidth on the feeds. Later this afternoon I jumped on my stand and did some studio shadow shots though, much easier to deal with, you should have followed Whimsy around earlier like I did, every time she would set up a shot someone would walk right in front of her, thank goodness for de-rendering – if an avatar is in your way, or there are just too many people around, just right click on them and then choose the derender option. Not too sure if it is on all viewers or not, but it is definitely on the Firestorm viewer and a great bonus.

Anyway back to me and my shadows – la di da sings – I used a curtain texture as a backdrop and have to say, it really ended up like those Glamour Shots people used to pay to get done at studios in RL. Now not too sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but seeing as the items I am wearing are fabulous, I am going with GREAT THING.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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