Wearing Gray for lots of Days






Some more goodies from the Wear Gray for a Day event that is on at the moment. You really should take the time to visit, or in fact revisit as many times as you can during the event times, as there are lots of things going on, including a hunt. My previous post includes the slurls for all the stores, so you can find them with ease, or you can use the maps available on the website, linked above.

Speaking of events to make note of, the upcoming Pose Fair 2012 is one such event. It starts on the 15th of April and will cover two sims this year. There is a family PG orientated one, and a more Mature/Adult version so that people from all animation/poses stores can share their wares with the world. Great idea, and I am looking forward to seeing the abundance of new items. These events are not only great to shop at, but also as a way of gathering landmarks and information on stores that you can visit in the future. So even if on a budget, always attend and look at everything you can.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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