Pony Pride

Pony Pride

Important : Dearest Mesh Creators, please when packaging and creating your items, make the item you have created attach to the location it would normally be if a sculpt or prims. Such as chest, pelvis etc. So far this week no less than three times I have been out and worn a bag to unpack and lost an item of clothing. Hand is not an attachment for clothing, yes we have the add option now, and we have multiples etc, but we only use add if we are aware of already having something on that layer, and I will never assume my hand is a location for my clothing. Also on a side note, if you do find your clothing does attach somewhere it shouldn’t you can change the attachment point by choosing a new one, and if the item is rigged mesh you will not have to edit in any way at all, so this procedure takes all of 3 seconds, but doesn’t mean designers shouldn’t do it first 😛

Hi all, I would love it if you would consider Voting on this Jira I made regarding Group Spaces. The Jira is asking that the Lindens make the groups we own for business, not count against group spaces. Anyway, other than that it has been a lovely morning so far. First off I ran around with Whimsy doing some shopping, but then I fell in love with my hair, not the hair itself, even though I do love the style, but this is LOVE LOVE for the new texture pack.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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