Wear Gray for a Day 2012

Wear Gray 2012

Wear Gray 2012 a

Wear Gray 2012 b

Wear Gray 2012 c

Wear Gray 2012 d

Wear Gray 2012 e

Wear Gray 2012 f

Wear Gray for a day starts April 6th 2012

I counted down the minutes until the early access time was upon us. Wear Gray for a Day 2012, is in its final stages of set up, and I had the pleasure of getting in early so that I could share some information with you all. This is an incredible event, that was started by Sanura Snowpaw, with the added help of Arora Zanzibar – both very passionate about this cause-  they have organised a simply wonderful event. The builds are lovely, the set up is great, and there are a huge amount of things going on during the occasion. You can get all that info on the website.

There are special vendors set up for this event, where 100% of the items goes to the charity, so be sure to check out all the goodies in those first, so that your spending goes to a worthwhile cause. I have a friend, he was a good mate as we say down here, he was actually one of my best friends boyfriends, and we used to chat for hours whenever we spent time in the same space. Then they started living together and he changed, he was mean, so mean that I never left their flat without crying. I couldn’t understand why, it was so upsetting. This went on for nearly a year, it seemed at the time like a lot longer. He got the flu, and was sick for a few weeks, and didn’t seem to be able to get rid of it, then one day while walking home he passed out, one minute walking next minute waking up on the pavement. Again they thought it was being weak from the flu, but they decided to check into it, the Doctor did tests and so shocking was that there was a tumor. He was operated on and it was removed, and he was lucky, so lucky in fact that while all this was going on they found out my best friend was pregnant….

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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