Come on get Happy

Come on get Happy

Baia Baia Black Sheep




I think that for many Second Life Residents, there are transitions when it comes to fashion and what one wears. I don’t necessarily mean things like seasonal changes, or price variances. I myself joined Second Life back in 06, but I don’t think the stages vary that much, I just think the quality and abundance has grown over the years. I joined Second Life and was excited about everything I saw, and experienced. At first everything is so exciting in the realms of ‘ I can be and do anything ‘ and then there is also the sexuality nature of being a virtual being all of a sudden – I don’t mean sex as such, but more the energy of being able to take charge of every part of your presence, and how that makes you feel, the outcome can be very alluring. You can change how you look, feel and what defines your real life, with just a few numbers on sliders, colour of hair, eyes and even skin.

Back to clothing though, I like many went through the schoolgirl outfits and the flirty looks. Day two in SL I actually modeled a Goth Schoolgirl outfit, so that was definitely fun, and I got to keep the outfit. Sheer was exciting and naughty and revealing was the norm, especially with the amount of themed events that were all over the grid every day and night. I had a beautiful lace blouse that I wore with a classic long tulle skirt, I loved being able to look sexy but with that air of classic elegance. So the quick little flirty outfits soon turned to more classic lined pieces. There is also the learning curve in Second Life, the understanding that clothes are made up of parts, and what may look like a dress in an ad, is still a top and bottom, and can often be separated to wear with other options. All of these things add up to little pieces of a soon to expand inventory. Our growth also expands to the grid itself, the places we travel to; to find more amazing stores and searching for everything else that goes into putting the final touches to a look.

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