Rubber Ducky you are…

Tok my bunny






Another interesting factoid that LL has neglected to make public, or at least it is not something I was aware was their own input into our lives. I like many thought that it was in fact a griefing thing.

So here it goes…if you have seen floating rubber duckies floating around lately, or strange yellow and black pyramids, YOU ARE NOT BEING GRIEFED. This is actually LL’s SECRET way of letting us know that MESH has not rezzed in that area. Nice of them to let us know, seeing as people have been freaking out all over the place for the past two weeks because of it.

Another tidbit, not so dramatic, but certainly attention grabbing, is that the 3rd Crazy Hair Hunt starts on the 31st of March. This is hugely exciting news as many of the participants are not usually hair creators. This is an event many look forward to every year, and it is run by Treebee Withnail. The hunt goes all over SL and has many incredible stores involved. The last time Whimsy did it and she made hair with rats and pencils and eyes and it was the creepiest thing EVER. This year she is much calmer. The theme is Flora and Fauna, and the hair I have seen her unpack so far has been INCREDIBLE. This is not an event to watch others do and talk about, this is one that is a must do. So grab your friends and do the rounds, there are over 50 stores involved and the hair concepts are amazing.

chh3 Poster!

You can join the in world group on the 31st to get info and great clues etc. Every store will lead to the next, and I am pretty sure there will be bound to be lots of blogs covering it.

The items I am featuring today are a mix of old and New…

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